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Physio NZ in Sumner and Woolston

Physio for back pain, knee injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, sore ankles and so much more


We can help you get back to your favourite activities faster

Experienced staff, open until late, convenient locations, hands on treatment, friendly team

Physio NZ in Sumner and Woolston

Being in pain can ruin your Summer, and we can help!

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Physio for back pain, hand therapy, knee injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, sore ankles and so much more...

We can help you get back to your favourite activities faster

Experienced & friendly staff, open until late, convenient locations and hands on treatment!

Get Relief Fast

When you're in pain, almost nothing else matters

Sort your injury properly

Because you don't want the pain coming back

Confidently Get Back To What You Enjoy

So you can get back to doing what's important to you

Here's the 3 steps to sorting out your injury

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In the first visit you’ll get a thorough assessment, a diagnosis, a plan and some treatment on your injury

Get Back on Track to your Goals

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Why you shouldn't have to put up with pain

  • It gets in the way at work
  • It stops you enjoying sport
  • It’s hard to do anything around the house
  • It slows you down and makes everything an effort
  • You have to ask colleagues, friends and family for help
  • Some jobs just don’t get done

Physio NZ makes it easier to get back to what YOU want to do

How can you get out of pain and back doing what you want?

With 732 people in Christchurch injuring themselves every WEEK, people are finding they can’t work, play sport or even do things around the house without pain.

With PhysioNZ, you can get back to the activities you really want to be doing.

At PhysioNZ, we know you want to be doing your fair share at work, to be winning in sport, or even getting everything done at home. But in order to do that, you need to be able to lift, to twist, to move freely without having to guard every movement, worrying about pain.

The problem is that you’ve got an injury, and it's getting in the way, it’s stopping you from doing what you really want to do. And even worse, knowing that even when it’s settled it could easily come back again.

We believe you shouldn’t have to put up with pain.

With PhysioNZ, your injury is looked at comprehensively: from finding out what’s going on, to easing your pain, to getting you back to your most important activities and goals, to stopping it coming back again. The whole focus is on managing your injury properly.

Don’t settle for being in pain. Make an appointment with PhysioNZ and get back to what you love doing, ASAP.

Who we are

We give you individual, personalised care in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Our team of 9 have helped over 7000 people in Sumner and Woolston with their pains and injuries over the last 5 years alone. Our 7 physios are at the cutting edge of research, with over 100 hours of ongoing training EACH in just the last 3 years.

When you make an appointment, you’ll find out about your injury, you’ll get a treatment plan and some treatment, and you’ll also find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing, so you can get back on track faster.

Click 'Call now' to find an appointment time right for you!

Here's how we can help...

No matter if you're a child, adult, senior, sports person or rehab patient - we can help you enjoy a healthier life with our range of physiotherapy services.

  • Massage for muscle relief

  • Mobilizations for joint pain and stiffness

  • Taping to help to sustain the relief

  • Strength and flexibility exercises for both short AND long term relief

  • Core stability and mobility for joint protection

  • Pilates for your core

  • Dry needling to ease tight knots

  • Our team includes a podiatrist and hand therapist for specialized opinions in these areas

  • Graduated return to activity planning to reduce the risk of reaggravating and delaying healing

  • Lifting/task modification to let you still get stuff done

  • Injury education to let you know what’s going on, what needs to be done, and how long it is likely to take

  • A Treatment Plan so no surprises, you know what needs doing to sort your injury properly.

Do we have a hand therapist?

Yes we do - Anne Owens is our hand therapist, and she has over 30 years experience as a physiotherapist, and with over 15 years of that as a hand therapist.

You make an appointment with her by either clicking "Book Online" or "Call Now" below.

Where are we located?

You can find us easily in Sumner or Woolston:


  • 46 Nayland Street

  • Sumner

  • Christchurch


  • 665 Ferry Road,

  • Woolston

  • Christchurch

(There are maps at the bottom of this page)

We focus on helping you achieve concrete goals..

This means that we're here to ensure that you're getting the best out of life, and recovering properly. We're here to assist you in providing not just short term fixes, but meeting your long term health goals.

Get Relief and Get Back to What You Enjoy

  • Find out what’s wrong
  • Get relief from your pain or injury through treatment
  • Make the area strong and flexible again
  • Do what you want again with confidence

Find us easily in Sumner or Woolston

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