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Get Virtual Physiotherapy at Home - at no cost to you

Now's the perfect time to sort your injury properly

Treating your injury when you can't leave your house

New Zealand is in lockdown, and we can't do most of the things we want to.

But when something hurts, well, waiting is not an option.

Because of this, Physio NZ has introduced TeleHealth Consultations at NO COST to you.

Our TeleHealth Consultations helps get you relief when you can't leave the house...

...even if tech stuff is usually a hassle.

  • Get an assessment, diagnosis and treatment from a fully qualified physiotherapist

  • Get strategies for relief, for safely getting back to your full activities, and for preventing it happening again

  • Get a plan that guides you step by step to having your injury fully sorted

  • Easy to set up,  you can even do it on your mobile phone

  • Do this in the comfort of your own home (even in the back yard on a sunny day!)

  • No cost to you

FInd out what's injured, sort out a plan, get out of pain and back to (most of) your normal activities. (even if you're stuck at home).

Your TeleHealth Consultation includes:

  • A 40minute initial assessment with a fully qualified physiotherapist

  • We find out what happened, what's injured, what you're aiming to get back to

  • You get strategies to help reduce the pain that you can begin applying immediately

  • You get a treatment plan for relief of pain, for making the injury robust and for return to full activities

  • A proper follow up programme to make sure that your injury stays on track to getting fully better

All at no cost to you!

What makes the consultation so special?

  • Typically most people notice immediate relief
  • It's effective, with years of research
  • You can do it at home with no special equipment
  • It's easy to set up the tech
  • Family members are welcome to help
  • It safe, convenient and no cost

How much does it cost?

...Lockdown special!! No cost to you during this time!!

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